Benefits For People Under Systems of Countries Other than the US

We cannot advise you about your potential eligibility for disability benefits under the systems of other countries. You would need to contact an attorney from the country about which you have questions. However, the rules for eligibility for aliens living within the United States who are seeking Social Security benefits from the federal government of the United States are explained on the Social Security Administration’s website.

Generally speaking, if you have been admitted to the United States as a legal permanent resident you are eligible to receive disability benefits should you be determined disabled and you have enough work credits to be eligible for disability insurance benefits. This is true only if you have earned 40 work credits or more in the United States and you have already lived in the United States for 5 years or more. There are other categories of people who might be eligible to receive disability benefits even if you were not admitted as a legal permanent resident, including people who are currently serving in the Armed Forces, certain victims of human trafficking, and certain types of refugees.

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