National Social Security Disability Resources

Social Security Disability Resources on this Site

My site is not a bad place to start; we have tried to put a lot of fairly good content here. Before you go elsewhere click here to go to the spot where we say how to find disability information on this site.

Social Security Disability Resources on the Web

There are a number of good national sites.

In many ways the best site is the Social Security Administration’s site at the disability page. It is a place to learn the basic rules in detail. But the problem is that the Administration only sets out what they should do, and you want to know what they actually do.

The National Organization of Social Security Disability Claimant’s Representatives has a useful site. You might start with their Frequently Asked Questions, which are answered by Charles Hall, a well known Raleigh Social Security lawyer.

Severe Net is a site run by David Bryant, a Chicago Social Security attorney.

Disability Law Research

I have some ambitions to develop this site as one on which an attorney can do serious legal research. If any attorney asks a question there, I will post an answer fairly soon, or at least point you in the right direction; as posts accumulate this could eventually become a valuable resource for common problems, with somewhat more practical answers than one usually gets from research sites. You can pay for this service by checking the attorney section occasionally and contributing answers there yourself.

Here are some other good primary research sites:

  • A website of one of the most brilliant Social Security lawyers, Eric Schnaufer. Eric is a lawyer’s lawyer. He has insight into what the courts might do with any potential argument and where the courts are going. You cannot go very far wrong by taking anything he says as certain truth.
  • David Traver is a good Social Security lawyer, and a bit of a philosopher. His background as a vocational expert gives him a perspective that many lawyers do not have, and he has carefully thought out vocational issues in particular. Traverlaw now hosts the Connect board. Many who are inside the Administration visit this site, and give an inside view that is unobtainable anywhere else.
  • A great site for a complete list of the basic research sources. NOSSCR stands for the National Organization of Social Security Claimant’s Representatives, which is the premier organization that supports representatives, and through them, claimants.
  • Peter Young seems to know the answers to even the most obscure Social Security questions. His website reflects his knowledge. Peter also publishes the Social Security Advisory Service, which complements the site, and is a great resource for anyone serious about Social Security law.
  • Charles Martin is a great guy and a great all around Social Security lawyer. His website advertises his practice database system, the omnibudsman, that you should consider once you get any volume of cases.
  • This is the Administration’s site. It is an enormous mine of information of all sorts. Of course it only gives the Administration’s version of the law, and often the whole point of what you are trying to do is to establish that their version is incorrect. Still, on noncontroversial issues, this is often where you should go first.

Other Resources for the Disabled

There are plenty of sites that have special help for the disabled. I have set out below only those sites that have lists of good websites or other resources.

Probably the best website for disability resources in general is They have an index of disability websites for each state.

The National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities has an excellent set of link pages for each state.

LD Online is a national site for learning disabled information that has information on resources for each state.