Benefits for Ex-Spouses

If you are an ex-spouse, you can get all the benefits that a spouse can get, if

  • you were married to your ex-spouse for 10 years in a row; and
  • If you are either
    • Not now married, or,
    • For survivor’s benefits, any remarriage came after you turned 60 years old.
  • For retirement benefits either
    • Your ex-spouse must be drawing benefits, or
    • You must have been divorced for 2 years

One odd thing about ex-spouse’s benefits is that your benefits are not reduced by any benefits that your former spouse’s current spouse, or other ex-spouse(s) get.

As with any benefit, if you are entitled to several sorts of checks

  • the most you can draw is the amount you would get under the largest check you are entitled to, but
  • you can choose whichever check you want to draw.

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