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Our Social Security attorneys are often in the Columbia area for hearings. Our satellite office is conveniently located in the 5 points area. Hirak Pati, an associate attorney, graduated from the University of South Carolina School of Law and is familiar with the Columbia area. While Hirak was born in London, England, he moved to Columbia, SC with his parents when he was 2. He spent part of his childhood growing up in the Columbia area and attending Lonnie B. Nelson Elementary School before moving to the Upstate in 1998. Our firm has represented several clients in Columbia.

How We Help You Win Your Columbia Social Security Disability Case

McChesney & McChesney has been handling cases in the Columbia area for many years. We have worked together with other attorneys in Columbia on cases where the claimant was denied at the hearing level. We have appealed these cases to the Appeals Council level or Federal District Court level by looking for legal errors that an ALJ may have made in a case. We may also decide that the claimant should file an additional disability claim or not appeal depending on each separate situation. Where we decide not to take a case, we provide information on what a claimant should do going forward. In certain situations, that may involve using community resources such as free health clinics or trying to work on a part-time or full time basis. In every case that we take, our attorneys work together with our clients and our staff as a team to gather medical records, objective tests such as MRIs, X-rays and EMGs, opinions from doctors, and statements from other sources. Nationally, the approval rate for judges (ALJs) at the hearing level declined from 63% in 2008 and 2009 to 45% by 2014. Our firm works to gather all the medical evidence we can to convince ALJs to rule in favor of our clients.


We develop our cases vigorously. Though it varies a lot depending on the case, our typical case strategy is to develop a tentative theory, gather all medical evidence, adjust the theory, and try to gather the evidence to prove disability. For most impairments, we try to document your claim with hard objective data, to make sure you develop consistent treatment records, and to get a clear statement of disability from at least one doctor.

If a Social Security case is denied at the hearing level, the case can be appealed to the Appeals Council and from there to the District Courts. We handle these appeals for our own clients and for the clients of more than 20 other lawyers.

This means three things to you: lawyers are in a position to know what lawyers are good. First, other lawyers would not be sending us these cases unless they thought we were good. Second, we know how to develop a case so that it is likely to be reversed on appeal, which increases your chance of winning on appeal if that becomes necessary. Third, every judge knows that if he denies your case, and we have good proof, we are going to appeal it. That can’t help but influence his decision.

Disability Information in the Columbia Area

In Richland County, 8.7% reported having a disability according to the US Census. In nearby Lexington County, 8.8% reported having a disability. Therefore, if you are trying to file a Social Security claim in Columbia, you are not alone. Our firm recommends that you consider talking to an attorney before filing. However, if you would like to file a claim on your own to get the process started, the Columbia Social Security office is located at 1835 Assembly Street, Columbia, SC 29201 on the 11th Floor of the Strom Thurmond Federal Building.

This is a secondary office. If you would like to meet with an attorney at this office, please make an appointment ahead of time.

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