Benefits for Disabled People Who are Highly Educated

In order for an adult to be considered disabled, he or she must not be able to do any job that he or she did in the past or have skills that transfer to lighter work that you can do. If you have a history of skilled work, this could affect your claim because generally speaking highly educated people often have skills that can transfer to work that requires very little physical effort. If your medial problems are limiting your ability to exert yourself, but mentally you are doing fine, then you will have a much harder time being considered disabled. However, if you have never done skilled work then your high educational level should not affect you claim. This is technically true, but the more education a person has the more it looks like you could probably do something that would earn you over $1040 per month, which the substantial gainful activity limit for what is considered working. As a practical matter, we would really need to have some way of saying that your medical problems are causing you mental limitations of function that would prevent you from doing complicated tasks that involved multiple step processes. For instance, if you are a medical doctor we would need to be able to show your chronic pain is preventing you from being able to concentrate enough to make the sort of important decisions a doctor makes.

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