Should I Hire an Attorney?

You would probably expect for us to say yes you need to get an attorney. But really, you probably should get an attorney. Unfortunately almost everyone is denied twice for disability benefits before they even see a judge. The regulations that govern the disability determination are precisely worded and complex. It is unlikely that your doctor has spontaneously said exactly what he needs to say in his medical records for you to be considered disabled. If you are in the hospital with a poor prognosis and the social workers at the hospital are already working with you to get you disability benefits, then you could probably wait to see if you are denied before calling an attorney. If you are over 55 and you have severe orthopedic issues and a strongly supportive doctor, then you could probably wait to see if are approved before you hire an attorney. However, even in those cases there might be an issue of how far back in time you were disabled and therefore how much money you are owed in back pay. Because a consultation with a disability attorney is usually free (and always free at our office) there is no reason not to call to just check to see if there is some way for an attorney to help. Of course, be sure to check with any attorney to whom you speak to make sure the consultation is free. Even if we do not represent you we can often provide you with good advice and tips for how to apply and improve the quality of your case.

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