How Do I Hire an Attorney?

You can find an attorney online or through the yellow pages, but the best way is by word of mouth. Ask your friends and neighbors who has done a good job for them. Our main source of clients is by word of mouth. We think that so many people choose to refer their friends and neighbors to us because of our excellent results but also because we maintain a close relationship with our clients in developing their cases.

Once you have chosen an attorney to contact you should ask that attorney some questions. Find out if this attorney specializes in Social Security disability benefits. Find out how many years this attorney has practiced in the field of Social Security disability. Ask if there is a way for you to ask your attorney questions along the way.

In our office, attorney Paul McChesney is a board certified specialist in Social Security disability benefits. It’s all he does, and he been representing clients before the Social Security Administration for about 35 years. Mr. McChesney has a team of attorneys who work with him in developing cases. If we are representing you, you can always make an appointment to speak with an attorney about your case. However, we contact our clients so often we find that they rarely need to call us. That is not the case with every disability law firm. If you have hired another attorney and that attorney’s office has not called you in months, you should start asking questions about what they are really doing for you.

We serve clients throughout the Carolinas from our offices in Spartanburg, Greenville, and Columbia.