Incontinence, an inability to control your bowels or bladder, can be the result of any number of medical conditions including neurological disorders, radiation treatment and inflammatory bowel disease. Incontinence can cause interruptions to concentration and the need to frequently leave the workstation. For this reason, incontinence can contribute to causing you limitations of function that could affect your ability to work. Most often, mild incontinence, particularly urinary incontinence that can be controlled with pads and similar devices, is not disabling, but severe incontinence can be disabling in some circumstances:

Any type of incontinence that forces you to stay in the bathroom for a long time, frequently, can force you to miss so much time that you will not be able to keep a job. For example, if you are so incontinent that you have to clean your clothing frequently, that can be so time consuming that you have trouble staying on task.

Some people are affected psychologically by what is to them a mortifying embarrassment when they are obviously incontinent in the workplace. This can contribute to a psychological condition that might be disabling.

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