There are so many different disability programs. Which ones should I apply for?

different-disability-programsDon’t worry too much about this. If you cannot work, or find yourself hanging on at work by your fingernails, call the Administration at 1-800-772-1213 and ask what benefits might be available for you. Some of those operators are good at helping you in the obvious cases. If they cannot identify any help for you, call an attorney who specializes in this area. In North and South Carolina and, you may call us at 864-582-7882 or click here to e-mail us. If you are working, but are hanging on by your fingernails, the Administration will claim that you cannot file. That is not always true, but in that case you will need a good attorney. In this situation, you should talk to an attorney and try to plan your future. The last thing you want to do is quit, file, and wait a year or so for your first check.