What happens to all of that paper once I apply for disability benefits?

Once your application is submitted to the Social Security office, it is first reviewed there, to see if you meet the non disability requirements for benefits like income and resources, for SSI applicants, and sufficient earnings, for Social Security disability applicants. If you’re a family member applying for benefits, they’ll confirm your relationship to the worker. Next, your application is sent to the disability determination services, in South Carolina called the DDD; it is the Disability Determination Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.. Your case is there examined by a physician or psychologist and a disability evaluation specialist. They get some but usually not all of your medical evidence. Often they order a consultative examination from a doctor. This can sometimes be avoided if you get what they need yourself, or get an attorney to get it for you. Consultative examinations are occasionally helpful to your claim, sometimes harmless, and sometimes deadly. An attorney can help here. If you refuse to go, your claim will be denied. A high percentage of disabled claimants are denied at the initial level. If you are denied at this level you should probably appeal, and you should almost certainly talk to an attorney. There is something that they are looking for that you are not providing. This part of the process presently takes about 4 to 6 months in South Carolina. If you want help with the process and live in North or South Carolina, please call us at 864-582-7882 or click here to e-mail us.