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Two ways:

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    The Social Security website is very good at telling you how things are supposed to work. I have tried to set out here how things actually do work.

    But, if it is an issue that might affect your life or someone else’s in an important way, you really must also call a lawyer or two who handles disability claims and pose the question to them. Don’t tell them I told you this, but you can probably get important questions answered without even having to spend any money! And there are so many rules and exceptions that it would be unwise to try to navigate this maze without the insight of someone who spent a career studying it. So it would be foolish to make an important decision about disability without getting advice.

    However, you should not take something written in general to be a final answer for you! Social Security disability is a complex subject, and there might be something you have not thought of. The Internet is a great place to start, but if you have a serious claim you should end by talking to someone who can check your work.

  • If you feel you are disabled, contact us, preferably by phone by click here, or click here to chat with us.