Can I file a claim based upon my spouse’s record?

If you are married and have worked under Social Security, you may qualify for retirement benefits either on your own work record or your spouse’s record. People who are eligible for benefits on more than one work record usually get the higher amount; you cannot draw on both. Reduced retirement benefits are available at age 62. Currently, those who wait till age 65 can receive full benefits; however, this age will increase in the future. Even if you’ve never been employed, you may still be eligible for spouse’s benefits. In that case, you could receive benefits when your spouse retires, becomes disabled, or dies. Generally, the spouse’s benefit is 50 percent of your husband or wife’s total benefit if they are living, or a little less than 3/4ths of it if he or she is deceased. To find out if you qualify for Social Security benefits, and what the amount might be, visit the nearest Social Security office. Or, call their toll-free number, at 1-800-772-1213.