What Steps Do I Take in Appealing if They Don’t Go Back Far Enough?

Sometimes people are approved for disability benefits, but they disagree with the Social Security Administration about when they became disabled.  In some cases if the SSA did not determine you were disabled back far enough in time then you might not be qualified for disability insurance benefits, only Supplemental Security Income.  If you believe you were disabled at some date prior to the date that SSA determined you were disabled then you should consider appealing the decision regarding the issue of the date on which you became disabled. You will need to have good evidence that you were disabled during that earlier time period to win.  However, be aware that if you have already had a hearing before a judge, then your case will be sent back to the judge level if your appeal is successful.  At that point the judge might reconsider if you are disabled at all, even during the time period for which you were already approved.  Although it is rare, that can happen.  That is why if you are disputing the date on which you became disabled should probably obtain legal representation.

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