Swollen Legs or Edema

Swollen legs or edema in the lower extremities can be caused by any number of conditions including heart failure, kidney disease, chronic venous insufficiency and injuries.  If this is only an occasional and infrequent problem for you, it is probably not severe enough to be considered part of your disability claim.  However, if you suffer from swelling in your feet and legs frequently or all the time, it could limit your ability to work.  If you need to keep your legs elevated above the waist to alleviate your swelling, and this occurs more often than what the usual breaks at work allow, then you could be considered disabled on that basis.  However, it is very important that you comply with all recommended treatment.  For instance, if your doctor has recommended that you wear compression stockings, then you need to do so.  Compression stockings usually help with lower extremity edema.  Low sodium diets are also frequently recommended.  If your doctor has recommended a special diet for you, keep a food log detailing what you eat and show and be sure to show it to your doctor.   If you do not know the cause of your lower extremity edema and you have not addressed this with your doctor, then you need to do so immediately.  It can be a sign of a very serious health problem.

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