Essential Tremor Disorder

Essential tremor is a neurological condition that affects primarily the hands.  It causes uncontrollable shaking in the hands that makes accomplishing every day tasks such as picking up some milk or typing very difficult.  This condition is usually improved with medication, but tends to get worse over time.  Any limitation in the use of your hands is critical in proving a disability claim.  Inability to use your hands for fine motor activities such as writing, typing or bench work assembly dramatically reduces the number of jobs available to you.  It is typically the case that if your other conditions limit you to no more than sedentary work, and your essential tremor prevents you from using your hands for fine motor activities, then you could be considered disabled.  However, essential tremor by itself is usually not a sufficient basis for receiving disability benefits. Even if essential tremor is not what is not your worst problem by far, it is critical that you complain about this problem to you doctors.

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