Greenville Office of Hearings Moves to a New Location

Our firm has been representing clients in their Social Security disability hearings at the Greenville Office of Hearings (OHO) for nearly four decades. After doing several hearings over the years, our office has become much more familiar with the ALJs at the Greenville (OHO) and at other hearing offices across South Carolina and North Carolina. Hearings in front of an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) take place after claimants have been denied at the Initial Application and Reconsideration levels. The ALJ will typically take a much closer look at the medical evidence regarding your disabilities and your ability to work. As stated elsewhere in this website, if you do receive a denial or unfavorable decision, you can also appeal to the Appeals Council, the Federal District Court, and if desired the Circuit Court of Appeals (which is typically the 4th Circuit for the states of South and North Carolina. Occasionally, some ALJs relocate, move, and retire. Social Security regulations also change requiring our firm to adapt to these changes. On rare occasions, the locations of the hearing offices may shift as well. This year represents one of those rare occasions. However, our firm has experience with previous transitions and would like to help our clients, anyone reading our website, and the general public with Social Security Agency’s location change to the new office in Mauldin, SC.

We would like to inform the general public that the Greenville Office of Hearings will be moving to a new location. The Greenville OHO recently moved to Mauldin from its former location in Greenville. It will now be located at: 475 N Main Street, Mauldin, SC 29662. Our advice is that you should drive to the location a few days prior to make sure you know how to find the office. We also understand that you may have problems driving. If you have trouble driving, we would advise that you arrange a method of transportation far ahead of time rather than risk any driving. If you are depending on another person, make sure that they are able to accommodate your hearing time in their schedule. Depending on how the schedule at the Hearing Office is going, you may have to wait for some period of time before you are called to walk into the courtroom. We also recommend that you reach the hearing office as early as possible. Typically, the Social Security Agency will send you a hearing notice stating that you should arrive at least 30 minutes early to your hearing. However, traffic in the Greenville area is often heavy and unpredictable. Construction, car accidents, and traffic changes may cause long delays. On some days, it may slow down to a stand-still depending on the time that you are traveling. As a claimant, you should try to avoid being late to your hearing if possible. Therefore, we recommend that you arrive as early as you can with plenty of time to spare before you are scheduled to be heard.. If you have any questions regarding the Hearing Office change, please feel free to reach out to our firm’s office. Our staff would be glad to assist you with any of your disability questions.

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