Our Philosophy

Our goal in our practice is to handle each person’s disability claim well and fairly, to win every claim that should be won. We are not perfect and do not always succeed, but, if we can develop a sound theory of disability, we will take every reasonable step to prevail in your case.

We handle every case as a team. Each lawyer in our firm has studied Social Security law for years, and each of us has his or her strengths. Jenny and Paul are talented at initial interviews, James and Caroline are good at finding critical evidence in a large mass of medical records, Mark and Paul at handling hearings, Mark at Appeals Council work, and Paul, with the help of our paralegal Deb Dempsey, at District Court work. In the typical case 3 or 4 lawyers would worry about different aspects of your case, and you would be assigned an experienced paralegal who works closely with them and you throughout the case. We typically talk among ourselves about each case many times.

Though it varies a lot depending on the case, our typical case strategy is to develop a tentative theory, gather all medical evidence, adjust the theory, and try to gather the evidence to prove disability. For most impairments, we try to document your claim with objective data, to make sure you develop consistent treatment records, and to get a clear statement of disability from at least one doctor.

We are not interested in winning cases for anyone who is not in fact disabled, which tends to protect our credibility, and thus benefit you if you are in fact disabled.

We will be happy to talk to you if you have a serious impairment, but are not yet disabled, or cannot yet prove that. If that is so, we will try to give you guidance as to other community resources that might help you get or keep work, or develop proof of disability.