National Social Security Disability Resources

Social Security Disability Resources on this Site

My site is not a bad place to start; we have tried to put a lot of fairly good content here. Before you go elsewhere click here to go to the spot where we say how to find disability information on this site.

Social Security Disability Resources on the Web

There are a number of good national sites.

In many ways the best site is the Social Security Administration’s site at the disability page. It is a place to learn the basic rules in detail. But the problem is that the Administration only sets out what they should do, and you want to know what they actually do.

The National Organizaion of Social Security Disability Claimant’s Representatives has a useful site. You might start with their Frequently Asked Questions, which are answered by Charles Hall, a well known Raleigh Social Security lawyer.

Severe Net is a site run by David Bryant, a Chicago Social Secuirty attorney.

Click here for a list of some of my favorite lawyer sites. These are probably more useful to lawyers than the disabled.

Other Resources for the Disabled

There are plenty of sites that have special help for the disabled. I have set out below only those sites that have lists of good websites or other resources.

Probably the best website for disability resources in general is They have an index of disability websites for each state.

The National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities has an excellent set of link pages for each state.

LD Online is a national site for learning disabled information that has information on resources for each state.