About Our Attorneys and Staff

This website is more or less run by me. I am Paul McChesney, a lawyer who helps people get disability benefits in North Carolina, South Carolina, and occasionally Georgia. I also help people with Worker’s Compensation benefit problems in South Carolina. I have been doing this for about 34 years, and have presented seminars at the state and national levels. My firm’s name is McChesney & McChesney. The first McChesney was my father, who was a lawyer and then one of the first South Carolina Family Court judges, who retired to practice with me for a while. He has passed on after living a full life, and we left his name on the sign, as is a custom with lawyers.

Becky is our office manager, Trina, Amanda, Linsey, and Betty prepare cases for hearings, Kim types, and Vicki takes care of our clients’ problems as they arise.

Why am I running this site? Several reasons:

  • I enjoy spouting off about the one thing I know something about.
  • I meet some good folks.
  • I like the idea of guerilla marketing: Attorneys who advertise on TV are often nice folks, and often do know something about Social Security law, but don’t necessarily know anything about Social Security disability law. My hope is that this website shows that I do, and that it will incline you to hire me if you live in the Carolinas.

And it takes a lot of money to advertise on TV. This leaves less money to hire staff.

If I have been helpful, no obligation, except the obligation not to rely on anything on the site until you sit down with a lawyer and talk to him or her about the very important ordeal that you are about to go through, if you are thinking about filing a claim.

If you want to thank me, do one of these things:

  • Brag on our law firm and our web site if we have done a good turn for you, and
  • Encourage people with websites to link, with questions to ask, and with Social Security problems in the Carolinas, or Worker’s Compensation problems in South Carolina, to call or come by out firm.